Dear Santa Barack - A Mock Barack Rock Opera


Dear Santa Barack A Mock Barack Rock Opera
by The Bad Santa Band
A medley of songs you can sing, dance and revolt too.
A Patriotic Political Parody of a few Chuck Berry Songs:
This song was written for my beautiful daughter Laura, who voted for Barack.
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The Bad Santa Band 
Lyric’s by R.C. Morton copyright 2009
Vocals, music, production & NYC Attitude by Jimmie “Guitar” Accardi. Listen to "Jimmi Accardi's Rock & Roll Party" on  2-4 pm Mondays, PST
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Dear Santa Barack A Mock Barack Rock Opera
Medley: 1) taxin' and a spendin' 2)
3) Dear Santa Barack 4) too much socialism 5) N-word rich
6) go go Sarah Palin go. 7) Roll over Rush Limbaugh, (*songs 8-10 not recorded yet) 8)* Mickey Mouse White House 9)* shake down Joe… to pay Shatiqua 10)* we cling to our guns and Bibles
Song #1 ( taxin’ and a spendin’ )
Barack Obama's got a Ponzi scheme
Yeah He’s gonna kill the American Dream
My paychecks been getting a little little lean
Well I looked at my wallet and I said WOW
who stole my money, was it Chairman Mao? 
and he's taxin' taxin' and a spendin'
Barack Obama's gonna tax me…tax me till the day I die
Yeah well I looked in my wallet and I was broke
all I had left was some chump CHANGE and HOPE
taxin' he’s taxin' and a spendin'
Obama’s gonna tax you every time you unzip your fly
He'll tax you when you hit a golf ball on the grass
He'll tax you every time you wipe your...
give me a glass of that Obama zombie Kool-Aid… 
we can do it?  NO!  it’s more like… WE  CAN BLEW IT!
Barack just BLEW a few trillion
That beats MC Hammers thirty million
I looked at Youtube I saw an Obama drone
The Lights were on but there was nobody home
They were rollin’…rollin’ and a smokin’
Yeah  rollin’ and a smokin’ Obama hemp dollar bills
Song #2 ( ZERObama Hemp ZERO dollar bills )
Yeah everyone is smokin …Barack hemp dollar bills
You should smoke it slow…so can enjoy the thrill
It is only worth ten cents….that hemp dollar bill
but Barack makes sense when you smoke it
That Barack hemp dollar bill
Oh inflation is a hidden tax…on the unsuspecting poor
That’s why Grandpa can’t afford…his Viagra anymore
And Grandma’s in the mood…oh you know she wants a thrill
But Grandpa blew his last hundred hemp dollar bills
on his last Viagra pill
They built a giant statue of Obama….At the Capital Mall
Next to a giant marble  bong pipe… With the words  come one come all
these words were carved in stone….Change and hope and smokin’ dope
Thank you all you Thank you all for all your votes
Song #3 ( Dear Santa Barack )
Dear Santa Barack…can you send me a car…Some spinner rims…and a new DVR You know I need…a new…a new microwave…yeah and I promise…I promise to behave…
Everyone wants something… from Santa Barack…But a lump of coal was all they got Everyone wants something… from Santa Barack…But a lump of coal was all they got
Dear Santa Barack…you know that I’ve been good
You got all my votes…down in the hood…Acorn helped me…cast all my votes
So here is my…Dear Santa Barack note
Everyone wants something… from Santa Barack…But a lump of coal was all they gotEveryone wants something… from Santa Barack…But a lump of coal was all they got
If you believe in the…Tooth Fairy and Santa Barack
HO HO HO and HOPE….a lump of coal was all you got
HO HO HO and HOPE….Yeah that’s all you got
Just a lump of coal ….from old Santa Barack
Song #4 ( too much Socialism )
Obama's on their bluetooths, preaching to the Obama youth, lock step, goose step, politically correct
too much communism too much socialism too much Chicago thug style Fascism for me
yeah PC armbands, little red books in hand, new style Zeig Heil, brainwashed,
they got a future working at the car wash
too much Chicago thug style Fascism for me
this FDR wannabe New New Deal is a bag of French fries short of a happy meal
too much communism too much socialism too much Chicago thug style Fascism for me
song #5  ( N-Word Rich )
the stock market is dumpin' .....goin' down and down
yeah taxin' and a spendin'.....till all you're money's gone
you know they never stop taxin'.... it's a giant sucking sound
Barack's  spending money..... like he's  N-word rich
he's gonna drive the economy..... right into a ditch
it’s an old con game…called bait and switch
HEY Barack and Oprah......why don't you get a room
we went from hope and change …to gloom and doom
two thousand twelve..... can't come too soon
yeah… come on… everybody roll-em…
That’s what I’m talking about
Song #6 ( go go Sarah Palin ) 
Sarah Palin's standin over by the snow machine
lookin like a Republican wet dream
she's lookin pretty Presidential to me
meanwhile I  was thinkin... Obama’s really stinkin,
he’s more like Stalin than Lincoln this economy is really sinkin’ 
I quess I better get some cheap Russian Vodka and start drinkin
go go go Sarah Palin …go go go Sarah Palin …I said go go go Sarah Palin
She’s got her gun out the window of Airforce One
She just shot Osama Bin Laden on the run
Well I love a girl with a… baby… a Bible and a GUN
meanwhile I  was still thinkin...
You got some wealth…Baracks gonna spread it 
The Constitution…he’s gonna shred it
Alaskan’s love Sarah Palin...cause She really get’s it
I said go go go US Constitution….I said go go go bill of rights
I said go go go Statue of Liberty
meanwhile I  was still thinkin... what if, an unborn baby, had a choice…
and could whisper, I want to live, with it’s little voice
Sarah Palin believes in freedom…freedom of choice
Winchester Colt or Remington…22, 38 or 44 Magnum
And that’s the kinda  choice you can believe in
I said go go go Daniel Boone…Go go go James Bowie.
I said Go go go go Davey Crockett go
Song #7( roll over Rush Limbaugh )
Well Barack Obama stuttered some nonsense today
I think he’s wants to take freedom of speech away
roll over Rush Limbaugh DON’T listen to him today
well if you love your freedom…You better keep it…
And you better never…let’um steal it
it’s your country…so don’t deceive it…
cause if you don’t love it…you better leave it
roll over Rush Limbaugh tell Shaun Hannity the news
roll over Abe Lincoln …roll over Mark Twain…
roll over Will Rogers….roll over Howard Jarvis…
roll over Thomas Jefferson tell Ben Franklin the news
roll over Michael Savage…roll over Mark Levin…
roll over Ann Colter… roll over Annie Coulter….lets do it again…
roll over Ronald Reagon …roll over Rush Limbaugh watch Shaun Hannity cry
Song #8 EXPLICIT LYRIC ( Mickey Mouse White House)
in the tradition of George Thorogood and the Destroyers and the Great Chuck Berry… we are going to get down and dirty….
The news media was in a trance…Chris Mathews
got hard balls and came in his pants….wait Chris Mathews has no balls
The news media looked kinda queer in their souvenir
Mickey Mouse White House Presidential Dumbo ears
Barney Franks idea of public works….Was a Democrat Congress Circle Jerk
if you got a bumper sticker that says nuke the gay whale
the PC police are gonna throw you in jail
Barack just hocked the Statue of Liberty….To a pawn shop in China
Roll over Annie Coulter.lets do it again YEAH Roll over Annie Coulter lets do it again
(scat talk here) Annie would you like to blow my..... stimulus check with me at KFC
talkin’ about how the DNC and KGB took over CBS and NBC…we could talk about oxymoron’s like military intelligence and liberals with lobotomies’… hey babe you looked fine  pole dancing on the Bill O’Reily show…that old pervert should have stuffed more ZERObamahempZEROdollar bills in your RNC g-string
Annie..I just got my stimulus package…of star spangled red white and blue condoms… in the mail…Annie I know you like a big flag waving patriot…
Roll over Ann Coulter….lets do it again..YEAH Roll over Annie Coulter….lets do it again
Song #9 ( shake down Joe… to pay Shatiqua )
Barack is going to shake down Joe… to pay Shatiqua
Barack is going to car jack Joe… to pay Jaquaun
Barack is going to pick pocket Joe… to pay Pasquell
Barack sent his children…to a private school
sounds to me….like a new Golden rule
do as Barack say…. not as Barack do
I lost my job I'm in the Welfare line …
Brother Barack can you spare a dime
when my momma died Barack took all her money
the beekeeper cried when he took all his honey
song #10 ( we cling to our guns and Bibles )
Yeah Barack… we cling to our guns And we cling to our Bibles
And we cling to our flag on a hill on Iwa Jima
We will always remember…and we will never forget
The Alamo, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor,  9…11,
Normandy,Guadalcanal, D-Day, and Gilligan’s Island
I said go go go Mary Ann Go…I said go go go Ginger Go
 well if you love freedom…You better keep it
And you better never…let’um steal it
it’s your country….so don’t deceive it
I said go go go US Marines …I said go go go US Army …
I said go go go US Air Force… I said go go go NYFD
this song is dedicated to my friend Larry....his second wife,
found a cigar box full of medals, from 3 wars. He had never
told her he was a war hero. As a medic, he was bayonetted
on the first wave of Iwa Jima. He served our country in WW2,
Korea and Vietnam. go go Larry go



The Audacity of Hope-a-dope (hopeadope)

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Rope-a-dope: is a boxing fighting style used most famously by Muhammad Ali (who coined the term) in the Rumble in the Jungle against George Foreman. The idea is for the boxer to lie on the ropes of a boxing ring, conserve energy and allow the opponent to strike him repeatedly in hopes of making him tire and open up weaknesses to exploit for an eventual counter-attack. (from Wikipedia).

Barack Obama, in his 2008 campaign for President has invented an effective, inspirational, lite oratorical style called hope-a-dope or hopeadope. He effectively “bobs and weaves” on the soap box, dodging real discussions of important issues. Rather than discuss strategic planning and rational problem solving, Barack Obama leans on the hopes, slipping punches and does the hope-a-dope.

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